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Program Details 

Our Curriculum: 

  • Meets and exceeds Mass State frameworks and standards

  • Low student to teacher ratio (8:1 or lower)

  • "Handwriting Without Tears" program

  • No repetitive curriculum theme units from the previous year

  • Creative Movement classes are held every week 

  • Wonderful, friendly, and experienced staff, with the majority of teachers holding advanced degrees, including several with Master's Degrees in Education

  • End of year Portfolio includes sampling of children's work and pictures collected throughout the year

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We Offer Families: 

  • Preschool:  Our Preschool programs offer families a developmentally appropriate curriculum for our youngest students, for many of whom this is their first school experience.  Our Preschool Programs help children to develop social skills, confidence, independence and emerging academic skills through center and play based learning.   

  • Pre-Kindergarten:  The ultimate focus in all of our Pre-Kindergarten classes is preparation for Kindergarten.  Our play based learning curriculum and activities help the children further develop the social, emotional and academic skills they will need to be successful in Elementary School and beyond.   

  • Bridges:  Bridges is our Transitional Kindergarten program for children who turn 5 years old in the summer or early fall. The program offers an extension of our Pre-K learning path which will provide children more time to grow and mature cognitively, socially and physically before entering Kindergarten and the Elementary School environment.


Assessment in our program is an ongoing appraisal of the development of each child.  The purpose of assessment is to help teachers and parents better understand, appreciate and respond to the growth, development and unique characteristics of each child.

In November, teachers are available for scheduled "touch base" conferences.  In March, a conference is held to share the growth through viewing of your child's work sample portfolio and a progress report.   In June, parents receive another progress report with their child's completed portfolio.   Additionally, teachers will be happy to talk with parents or schedule informal conferences at any time during the year.  For more details on our assessment process click below!

Our Assessment Process

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