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 As part of the daily curriculum, each classroom provides play dough and modeling tools for the children to use during activity time. For sanitary reasons, we feel that it is necessary to replace the play dough frequently. Therefore, we are asking that each student take a turn providing a batch of play dough once during the school year. The following recipe works well, stays moist longer, and crumbles the least of most play dough recipes. If you have your own recipe, or find an easier recipe to follow, please don’t feel the need to use our recipe.

Thank you!

2 Cups Flour

2 Cups Water

1 Cup Salt

2 Tbsp. Cream of Tartar

2 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil

Food Coloring

Mix all dry ingredients together in a large saucepan. Add oil, then water, stirring until all dry ingredients are moistened and blended. Add desired amount of food coloring. Cook on medium to high heat, stirring constantly until mixture reaches a sticky dough consistency. Remove from pan and knead until smooth. Cool and store in an airtight container or plastic bag.

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