Here's a sample of what some of our parents had to say in our anonymous annual survey:

"We are extremely happy with the Village School and its program.  My child loves going to school"

"You're doing a wonderful job in all areas!  I will always recommend you to family and friends."

"We are very happy with our first preschool experience.  We feel that our child greatly benefitted from time at school and felt nurtured by the teachers.  We not only appreciated the emphasis on academic learning, but he social skills our child learned has transformed a reserved child to a much more confident child.  We don't feel we could have accomplished that much on our own and we are grateful!"

"I am so pleased with the Village School.  I tell everyone if I could send my child to the Village School through high school I would.  Everyone at the school has truly helped my child grow this year.  I am so encouraged by the social progress my child has made.  I appreciate all the advice and support the school has given me.  I feel I am a better parent because my child went to the Village School and I'm able to learn from my child's teachers."

"My child is continuing to learn and grow in a loving, supportive environment.  Thank You!"

"We love the curriculum newsletter!  So helpful for sparking discussion about what is going on in and around the classroom."

"We have been very pleased with the Village School, both in terms of our child’s learning and the overall environment."

"I have been overly happy with our time at Village School. The teachers are truly magnificent. Each one so different but at the same time so loved by the kids and so capable. I feel very confident in my child's time spent at Village."

Located in the Second Congregational Church
173 Washington Street, Boxford, MA 01921
Email: myvillageschool@gmail.com


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